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  1. Jeannette McCurley

    Thank you, sir and faithful servant and ambassador “in Christ’s stead” for bringing the Light of the truths in this message — I address you as such… but do count it a special privilege to also be able to call you, “Uncle Bruce”:) I look forward to hearing other messages to come (I had tried in the past to hear a sermon, but somehow did not figure out how (not very computer literate, as I can barely tolerate any use of modern technology). But I praise the LORD that He allowed in this His timing to reward my desire and brief search to hear you. You and Aunt Chris remain in my heart with love and in my prayers. Thank you again for your faithful service (of many years) to our worthy Lord and King!

    Praying you remain kept well — by our great Keeper of Israel — in both body and soul!

    Gratefully, your neice,
    Jeannette Gardner McCurley

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